4 Things a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Do (That You Probably Can’t)

by | May 29, 2015 | Workers Compensation

work injury claim formEach year thousands of people get hurt while on the job. Workers’ compensation is a program that allows employees to be compensated for injuries that have occurred while they were working. Workers’ compensation provides a way to achieve monetary payment without the need to go through filing a lawsuit. While workers’ compensation cases can be filed without an attorney, the assistance of Venus Poe Attorney At Law will provide you with the best possible results.

There are some things that an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Greenville, SC can do that you may not be able to accomplish on your own. Some of these include:

  1. Determine Whether Your Injuries Will Qualify for a Workers’ Compensation claim. Not all injuries may be compensable. An experienced attorney will review your situation to make sure your case qualifies for a workers’ compensation claim. One of the most important ways a workers’ compensation lawyer will help you is by answering your questions and immediate concerns.
  1. Assist in Properly Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim. Claim processes and forms can be complex and difficult to understand. Filling out and submitting the forms correctly will eliminate problems and shorten the processing time. An attorney who has experience in these types of cases knows the current rules and laws governing claims and will use the information to make sure that you are properly compensated.
  1. Making Sure You Get Paid for Your Missed Time from Work. Sometimes on-the-job injuries require that you miss work to recover. Pursuant to the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Act, your employer must pay you while the doctor has you written out of work for a compensable workers’ compensation injury. Further, even if you come back on a limited basis, your employer must make up any difference in the pay you were making before you were injured and the pay that you are making while on work restrictions.
  1. File for a Hearing, if Needed. Sometimes a claim is denied. Sometimes the insurance company refuses to send you to recommended appointments or doctors. Sometimes they do not pay you as they are supposed to under the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Act. If any of these situations occur, it may be in your best interest to continue the process by filing for a hearing before the Workers’ Compensation Commission. This can be expedited and correctly done by a knowledgeable lawyer. Legal issues are often complicated and are better resolved with representation by an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

At Venus Poe Attorney At Law we have the experience to handle all aspects of your workers’ compensation case. We know how to review your case and submit it for the best results. If a case is not accepted through the claim, we work to get your case resolved through the legal system. Many of these cases are resolved through settlement negotiations. Contact our experienced injury lawyer for a free consultation.

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