How Your Age Affects Your Application for Social Security

by | May 11, 2015 | Social Security Disability

When a person applies for Social Security based upon disability, they are stating to the Social Security Administration that they can no longer work and they feel they should be compensated accordingly. In rendering a decision as to whether or not an application for benefits should be approved or denied, the Social Security Administration considers a number of factors. Specifically, a person’s age is a factor that is weighted in the process, and can have an effect on the success of your claim.

The process and nuances associated with applying for Social Security benefits can be confusing and daunting; however it is important that properly educate yourself and seek qualified legal assistance if you would like to ensure your application is successful.

How “The Grid” Affects Your Disability Benefits

When assessing claims, the Social Security Administration has constructed what is known as “The Grid” in order to consistently assess the medical and vocational levels of a person’s abilities. The Social Security Administration, when making a decision regarding whether to approve or deny disability benefits, weighs many factors. These factored areas do not solely contain medical information; age, education and skills, in addition to your residual functional capacity, are also evaluated.

More specifically, regarding age, the Social Security Administration has created age groups in order to organize and identify applicants. The “young” individuals are considered to be those who are ages 18 to 44. Adults who are ages 45-49 are said to be “younger” individuals. Those who are in the 50-54 age range are considered to be “closely approaching advanced age.” Whereas individuals who fall into the 55 and over classification are considered of “advanced age.”

Finally, individuals who are aged 60-65 are considered “closely approaching retirement age.” These age classifications, along with a person’s ability to work (residual functional capacity) and their previous work experience, are evaluated when arriving at a claim decision.

Does Being Older Help in a Social Security Claim? 

The grid is designed to generally work in favor of individuals who are older and usually in need of more assistance. For example, this usually includes individuals who are in the group containing those “approaching advanced age” (ages 50-54). If individuals in the 50-54 range are limited to sedentary work or less, and don’t possess the skills allowing them to transfer to other kinds of work, they are likely to be approved for disability. 

How a Qualified Greenville, SC Disability Attorney Can Help

Social Security Disability Attorney Venus Poe has the experience and skills you need to help maximize your chances of receiving the benefits you rightfully deserve. Our firm knows that the process of filing your appeal and understanding the details of a claim can be daunting and confusing, but they don’t have to be.

If you or an older loved one would like to make a claim for disability or you have questions regarding the process, we are here to help.

Let attorney Venus Poe give you the understanding of the process and the confidence you need to know your application is being handled in the best possible way.

Contact us today and allow a firm with over a decade of experience to work on behalf of you or your loved one’s well-being.

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