Can I Get Paid for Time that I Miss from Work Due to a Car Accident?

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Auto Accidents

single car accidentYes. If you have to miss work because of an injury you received in a car accident, we include those as damages for the accident to the at fault driver’s insurance company. To make a good case for lost wages you have to prove a few things first.

  1. You have to prove that the accident was the other person’s fault.
  2. You have to show that your injuries are accident related. The condition that is keeping you from working has to be from the accident. If you could not have worked anyway because of some other condition that is not related to the accident, you’re probably not going to be compensated for your loss time, even if your doctor gives you a work excuse.
  3. You have to show that your accident related injury kept you from working. The best way to do this is with a doctor’s note. If you feel that you cannot work you need to ask your doctor for a doctor’s note excusing you from work. If you don’t have a note from your doctor it will be hard to prove your lost wages. Each time you go back to the doctor for follow-up, make sure to have the doctor address to your work status. Which means ask the doctor if you were ready to go back to work or not. If your doctor determines that you’re not ready to go back to work, make sure that you have a written excuse.
  4. If your doctor writes you out of work, now you must prove the amount of pay are missing. This can be easily done with a wage verification form given to your employer.  The employer marks down how many days you have missed and how much pay has been lost during that time. It can become more complicated if you work for yourself or do not make an hourly wage. Each case is different and we can talk to you about the best way to prove your wages.

Remember, even if you continued to get paid through some other source while you are written out of work by your doctor, such as through disability coverage, paid-time-off, or use of vacation days, you may still recover lost wages for time missed.  The at-fault driver cannot benefit by not having to pay you simply because you have used your vacation days or private disability coverage.

Each case is different and each client is different. It is best to have an experienced attorney discuss her case with you so that you can ensure that you are receiving all of the compensation that you are entitled to. If you have any questions about your lost wages or any other questions about your car accident, please contact Venus Poe today at 864-963-0310 or click here to fill out an online case evaluation form. There is no obligation or charge to see if we can help you with your car accident case.

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