How much should I get paid while I’m out on the Worker’s Compensation in south Carolina

by | Jan 12, 2016 | Workers Compensation

If the authorized doctor has written you out of work due to a work-related injury, you should get paid by your employer a weekly wage. How much you are paid depends on what you were making prior to your on-the-job accident. Your workers’ compensation rate is calculated by taking the average weekly pay for the four quarters prior to your accident, not including the quarter in which you were injured. This amount is your “average weekly wage.” Your average weekly wage is then multiplied by .6667 to come up with your “compensation rate.”

There is a maximum compensation rate which changes each year. The maximum compensation rate you can receive is determined on the date of your injury. This means that you cannot receive more each year if your treatment last for more than one year.

Maximum weekly compensation rates for South Carolina since 2010:

1/1/16 $784.03

1/1/15 $766.05

1/1/14 $752.16

1/1/13 $743.72

1/1/12 $725.47

1/1/11 $704.92

1/1/10 $689.71

What if I did not work for four quarters prior to my injury?

 There are a few ways in which your compensation rate can be calculated if you did not work four quarters prior to your injury. First, your employer may take a “similar or like employee” to determine how much you were paid. For instance, if you were a cashier, your employer may take another cashier at your place of employment and determine their pay for the four quarters prior to your injury, not including the quarter in which you were injured. Your employer may also decide to use your actual earnings divided by how many weeks you have worked to determine your average weekly wage. In rare cases, there are other ways to determine the compensation rate, with the ultimate goal being what is “fair and just.”

What if I had second job at the time of my injury?

If you had a second job at the time of your on the job injury, those wages should be used to calculate your average weekly wage and compensation rate. The employer you were working for at the time of your on-the-job injury would need to use those additional wages in their calculations.

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