What happens if I quit my job while receiving workers’ compensation benefits?

by | May 23, 2016 | Firm News, Workers Compensation

Incident instructions box on a workers compensation formSometimes people decide to leave their employment in the middle of a workers’ compensation case. Several factors come in to play when someone quits.

Sometimes when you go back to work after a work injury, you may feel like the job and boss are making it extra hard on you. You may feel like quitting. Before you take that step, talk with your attorney. Don’t quit if you do not have another job lined up. However, if you have an even better job lined up, by all means take it. Your workers’ compensation case is not a prison keeping you at your current employment.

If the worker is not written out of work at the time they quit

If the person is not written out of work by a doctor when they quit, the employer does not have to pay temporary total disability payments or any change in pay. The injured worker will continue to receive medical care for injuries related to their work accident, even though they are now with a different employer. Once the worker reached maximum medical improvement, their former employer will have to pay them for any permanent disability they have suffered.

If the worker is written out of work and is receiving temporary total disability payments

The employer must keep paying the temporary total disability payments as long as the worker is written out of work. If the doctor releases the worker back to restricted duty and they are restrictions the employer is willing to meet, then the employer will have an argument to discontinue the temporary total disability payments.

When someone quits in the middle of a workers’ compensation claim, their medical care for the on-the-job injury should go on uninterrupted. Further, the payment for the permanent disability at the end of the case is not affected either. However, there are many factors when determining if an employee will be entitled to temporary total disability payments if they quit their employment in the middle of a workers’ compensation case.

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