10 Common Causes of Work Place Accidents

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Workers Compensation

9 Common Causes of Work Place Accidents

Each year various groups compile list to determine the most common type of work place accident and their causes. Liberty Mutual has come out with a study which analysis 2014 data of all work place accidents.

Injuries related to over exertion including injuries related to lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying or throwing objects.

The top category for injuries in the workplace come from lifting, pushing or carrying objects. Lifting or pushing can injure not only your back and neck, put also shoulders, elbows, wrist. Herniated disk and rotator cuff tears are all too common.  It is important to report these injuries immediately to get medical care so that the injury doesn’t get worse.

1. Falls from same level

The next most common injury is from falls from the same level. These falls can occur for any number of reasons. Many workers trip of objects in the workplace or slip in substances that have been spilled

2. Falls to lower level

The third most common type of accident, but often times the most fatal, are falls to a lower level. Construction workers are especially vulnerable to this type of work place injury. It is very important to wear safety harnesses when off the ground.  Even if a worker is not using safety equipment, the injury is still covered under the workers compensation system. An employer is not allowed to blame the injured worker for the accident and deny the worker benefits due under the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act.

3. Struck by Objects or Equipment

Being struck by objects (boxes, supplies,inventory) and equipment (forklifts, saws, moving parts) accounts for over 7% of workplace accidents. Being struck by an object is one of the leading causes of construction-related deaths. Workers are most often struck by: heavy equipment and vehicles, likes trucks and cranes; falling or flying objects, like tools and flying particles; and concrete or masonry walls that are being constructed 

4. Exertion Other than Lifting, Pushing, Pulling, Holding, Carrying or Throwing Objects

Accident can also occur when bending, crawling, reaching, twisting, climbing, stepping, kneeling, sitting, standing or walking. Sometimes just turning to reach for an object can cause an injury.

5. Motor Vehicle Accidents

Injuries from motor vehicle accidents that occur at work are covered under the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act. That includes for workers that do not drive as a primary function of their job. Salesman, mobile nurses and therapist, daycare workers, government employees and anyone else that is carrying out a function of their job while in a motor vehicle accident are covered for their injuries.

6. Slip or Trip Without Fall

Sometimes people are injured from slipping or tripping even though they do not fall. These injuries only make up 3.6% of all work place injuries, but can be serious. Many times workers are hurt trying to catch themselves.

7. Caught In or Compression by Equipment

One common and dangerous workplace accident occurs when someone is caught or compressed in a piece of equipment. Workers should make sure to tie back hair, take off jewelry and wear tight clothing when working around equipment to minimize the chances of being caught or pulled into machinery.

8. Struck Against Objects or Equipment

A person forcefully strikes an object. The person provides the force or energy. These can occur when an employee walks into something accidentally.

9 Repetitive Motions Involving Micro-Tasks

Repetitive motion cases such as carpal tunnel are covered under the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act. Carpal tunnel is not the only repetitive injury; however, these cases are getting harder to prove to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commissioner.

By knowing the most common types of accidents, we can work together to prevent them.

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