What Medical Treatment is Covered by Workers’ Compensation in South Carolina?

by | Jul 22, 2018 | Lawyer Greenville SC, Workers Compensation

How much of your medical expenses for Worker’s Compensation cover if you are injured in a work-related accident South Carolina?

The Worker’s Compensation carrier should cover 100% of your medical expenses for any injury you suffer as a result of a work-related injury in South Carolina. One thing to be careful of, is that you do not get to choose your own doctor.  If you’ve been in a work-related accident you must report that to your employer. The employer should then send you to the doctor of their choosing. Any medical treatment you receive as a result of your work-related accident should have prior approval from the Worker’s Compensation insurance carrier. You cannot see your own doctor and then expect the workers’ compensation insurance to pay for it except in very limited circumstances.

Current Medical Expenses

If the Worker’s Compensation carrier has accepted your claim as compensable, they should pay for all of your medical expenses. This includes any doctor visits, physical therapy appointments, surgeries, injections, cast, slings, surgical hardware, etc. Sometimes the insurance carrier will try to deny certain medical procedures or recommendations by the treating physician that they have chosen. If this happens, you should seek the advice of an attorney immediately. An attorney can file for hearing in front of the Worker’s Compensation Commissioner who can force the insurance company to pay for the treatment recommended by your treating physician.

Future Medical Expenses

The insurance carrier must pay for any medical treatment into the future as long as the treating physician states that it would tend to lessen the period of your disability. Also if you have had any surgical hardware implanted as a result of your work-related injury, the insurance carrier will be responsible for the maintenance/removal of this hardware for the rest of your life.

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