Timing is everything when returning from workers’ compensation

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Workers Compensation

Getting back to work amid a workers’ compensation claim can seem like you’re walking a tightrope. Juggling a return to your normal life and getting the benefits you need can be a difficult proposition.

Even though you might be stressing about the days you’ve already missed, you’re a small contribution to the more than 100 million days lost to injuries in the latest year of reporting. Navigating your injury while still following guidelines can be very important to make sure you heal properly while managing the help you still need.

Job recovery

A return to normalcy has likely been on your mind since the accident, but balancing your recovery, your employment and your benefits can be tricky:

  • Your employer: Your employer may want you back, but returning too soon against your doctor’s orders could put you at risk. You may end up aggravating your injury, extending the timeline and putting your benefits at risk if you force things.
  • Light duty: You might not be required to throw yourself into the deep end to get back to work, but instead could accept a lighter duty assignment. If your employer offers this kind of position and your doctor clears you, your benefits may be on the line if you refuse.
  • Second opinions: If your workers’ compensation doctor thinks it’s time you head back to work, you could search for a second opinion if you don’t believe you’re ready. Make sure you see a qualified doctor, even better if they specialize in your injury.

Make sure you know the conditions of your workers’ compensation claim to ensure a smooth transition back to work. Avoiding complications can play a big part in getting your pieces put back together.

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