Are you concerned about a workers’ compensation denial?

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Workers Compensation

If you suffer an injury on the job, there’s always a chance it will keep you out of work for an extended period of time. When this is the case, it’s critical that you understand your legal rights, which could lead you to learn more about the workers’ compensation system.

Even if you assume that your case is straightforward, in the back of your mind you always know there’s a chance you could receive a workers’ compensation denial letter. This happens for many reasons, such as:

  • Not reporting the injury to your employer in time
  • Not filing a workers’ compensation claim in time
  • Neglecting to obtain medical treatment immediately following the accident
  • If your employer disputes your claim that you were injured at work
  • If you suffered a non-compensable injury

All of these things are working against you, which is why it’s critical to take the right steps following a workplace accident. One slip-up can slow down the process, while making it more difficult to obtain the benefits you deserve.

If you receive a denial letter, it will include the reason why as well as the steps you can take to file an appeal. You don’t want to be in this position, but it’s not a time to give up. It’s best to learn more about your legal rights so you can file an appeal with the idea of quickly having the original decision overturned.

In some cases, it’s simple to win your appeal, such as if you only need to provide additional information. Conversely, there are situations in which you’re faced with a variety of challenges, such as if your employer continues to dispute your claim of what happened.

The more documentation you collect up front the better off you’ll be. Just the same, continue to collect evidence during the appeals process.

When dealing with an injury caused by a workplace accident, you hope to receive immediate compensation. This will put your mind at easy during a difficult time of your life. If this doesn’t happen, don’t give up. Take action by filing an appeal, all with the idea that you’ll eventually receive every dollar you’re owed from your workers’ compensation claim.

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