What To Do If You’ve Been Injured in a Multi-Vehicle Accident

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Auto Accidents

man on cell phone outside multi-vehicle accident in SCCar accidents are complex, especially when they involve more than two vehicles. Multi-vehicle accidents can result in insurance companies pointing fingers and trying to avoid liability. It’s important to take certain steps after a multi-vehicle accident to protect your right to get the compensation you need to cover your damages.

What Is a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

A multi-vehicle accident is one that involves more than one car, which is called a “single vehicle accident.” When people refer to multi-vehicle accidents, they typically mean more than two vehicles as well. They mean several cars or other types of motor vehicles were involved in a crash.

When many vehicles are involved in a wreck, each one of those drivers brings a different insurance company to the table. There will be several investigations, claims adjusters, and lawyers to deal with. There are many complexities with multi-vehicle accidents.

10 Things To Do After a Multi-Vehicle Accident

scene of multi-vehicle accident in South CarolinaYou should take certain steps after a multi-vehicle accident to ensure you can get the compensation you need.

1. Call 911

You need to call the police and request an ambulance, if necessary. The law enforcement officer who responds can create a police report to document what happened and who was involved in the crash. This accident report will be implemental in proving liability in your future multi-vehicle accident claim.

2. Get Medical Treatment

You should immediately get medical treatment for your injuries. Go to the nearest hospital or emergency room. You need to establish a baseline for the severity of your injuries. If you don’t get medical treatment, the insurance company may claim you were not really injured.

3. Collect Information from All Drivers

There will be multiple drivers involved in your multi-vehicle accident. It’s important to get contact information for each one of them. You also need to collect insurance information from everyone. Even if you think you know who is at fault, get insurance information from all drivers. It’s best to take pictures of insurance cards to obtain necessary information.

4. Take Photos and Videos of the Scene

You need to document what happened at the scene of the accident. Try to take pictures and videos of all cars, including damage to property, nearby signs and traffic lights, roadway markings, and anything else relevant to the wreck. If you are unable to collect this information, ask someone else to do it for you. It’s essential to document what the scene looked like immediately after the crash.

5. Get Contact Information for Witnesses

Get the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of anyone who witnessed the accident. If someone is reluctant to give you this information, then provide them with your information and ask them to contact you at a specific date in the future. The testimony of these bystanders will be important to prove fault.

6. Document Your Injuries

You will need to keep a post-accident journal that tracks the progress of your injuries. You should document your pain, medications, doctors’ names, and anything else relevant to your medical treatment. Make sure you write down how your injuries have impacted your life and that of your family.

7. Seek Ongoing Medical Care

If you have been injured in a multi-vehicle accident, you need to continue getting medical care until you are completely healed. Go to all follow up appointments and seek treatment from specialists. If your doctor recommends physical therapy, you should attend regularly and keep track of progress. Ongoing medical care will be used to show the insurance company that your injuries were serious and have affected you for the long-term.

8. Keep a Folder with All Relevant Documents

After a crash, you will receive many important documents. You should create a folder or binder with dividers to collect all paperwork. Some examples include medical records, medical bills, statements of lost wages, documentation of missed time at work and use of benefits like PTO, explanations of benefits (EOBs) from your health insurance company, and more. Your multi-vehicle accident attorney will need to see these documents to help you prove damages.

9. Refer Insurance Companies to Your Personal Injury Attorney

 is likely that many insurance companies will contact you after a multi-vehicle crash. They will all be trying to determine what happened and how they can avoid liability. Don’t give any official statements or sign anything until you talk to your attorney. In fact, you should refer all claims adjusters to your attorney.

10. Contact a Multi-Vehicle Accident Attorney

One of the most important things you can do after a wreck involving many vehicles is contact a multi-vehicle accident attorney with specific experience. You need someone who knows how to navigate the legal process involving multiple insurance companies. They will help you file a claim and get the money you need to cover your losses.

Attorney Venus Poe Is Ready to Help with Your Case

woman-on-cell-with-personal-injury-attorney-at-scene-of-car-accidentYou shouldn’t deal with a multi-vehicle accident insurance claim alone. The insurance company may try to delay your claim until time runs out or deny it completely. You need someone on your side. Attorney Venus Poe has the knowledge and resources to help you. Call today at (864) 689-3382.

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