Avoiding Intersection Crashes in Greenville, SC

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Auto Accidents

fire-fighters-at-scene-of-Greenville-SC-accidentIntersection accidents are some of the most common types of wrecks in Greenville, SC. There are multiple intersections in the city where crashes occur daily or weekly. Most of those car accidents can be avoided so that you have a reduced chance of receiving serious or catastrophic injuries.

5 Tips to Avoid an Intersection Car Accident

Intersection car accidents are common because of the complex interaction that must occur between multiple drivers and motor vehicles in these locations. Whether there’s a stop sign or a traffic light, intersections can be confusing. 

Here are some tips for avoiding intersection car accidents and staying safe on the road in Greenville, SC.

1. Stay Alert to Your Surroundings

When you approach an intersection, you should look in all directions as well as behind you and to your sides before you continue driving. That may mean glancing quickly as you approach a green light. You never know when someone will run a red light in the other direction. Stay alert to your surroundings, including other motor vehicles, roadway signs and markings and pedestrians.

2. Be Aware of Your Blind Spots

Use your mirrors to look all around you as you approach and sit at an intersection. Be aware of blind spots to the side of your car as well as areas of the road you may not be able to see because of trees, bushes, and other items that block your view. Take precautions to double check your blind spots before you turn or merge into another lane to make sure they are not occupied by another car or pedestrian.

3. Minimize Distractions While You Drive

Distracted driving is a serious problem throughout Greenville and the rest of the United States. In fact, studies indicate that distracted driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving. Lack of attention on the road can cause you to drive erratically and slow your stopping and maneuver time. Be sure to always keep your eyes on the road and pay attention to the motor vehicles around you. Avoid distractions like your cell phone, GPS device, the radio, food and drinks as well as passengers. Any activity that takes your attention off the road can lead to a serious accident.

4. Maintain and Inspect Your Car Regularly

Make sure your car is in proper working order before you head out on the road. Intersections are the last place you want to break down or get a blown tire. You should ensure your brakes, lights, and other parts work well before setting out on your trip. Additionally, you need to know how to properly use these functions on your vehicle. If you are borrowing someone else’s car or have a rental vehicle, make sure you read the user manual before setting out. At the very least, you should explore all of the buttons and switches before you start driving.

5. Follow the Rules of the Road

South Carolina has specific laws regarding how to approach and move through an intersection. You should be aware of who has the right of way, including other cars and pedestrians. If there are traffic lights or signs, follow their guidance. Keep in mind that even if you have the right of way, another driver might cause a wreck by failing to follow the rules of the road. Keep an eye out for others who are not abiding by the law.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Greenville, SC

crashed-car-at-greenville-sc-intersectionDangerous intersections in Greenville, South Carolina are plagued by backed up traffic and frequent automobile crashes. They often have dangerous turn lanes and confusing traffic signals. Greenville recently identified the worst intersections in the city and established plans to fix them. Those intersections, which were identified by traffic crash reports from the police department, include:

  •       Haywood Road and Pelham
  •       Haywood Road and I-385
  •       Pleasantburg Drive and Antrim Drive
  •       Pleasantburg Drive and Mauldin Road
  •       Pleasantburg Drive and Rutherford Road
  •       Pleasantburg Drive and Cleveland Street
  •       Pleasantburg Drive and Villa Road/Century Drive
  •       Academy Street and College Street
  •       Academy Street and Pendleton Street
  •       Laurens Road and Woodruff Road
  •       Laurens Road and Haywood Road
  •       Laurens Road and Verdae Boulevard
  •       Laurens Road and Millennium Boulevard
  •       Augusta Street and Mauldin Road
  •       Augusta Street and Church Street/Mills Avenue
  •       Woodruff Road and Roper Mountain Road
  •       Faris Road and Cleveland Street
  •       Roper Mountain Road and Independence Boulevard
  •       Stone Avenue and Rutherford Street

Which Intersections Had the Highest Rate of Crashes and the Most Severe?

Intersections in downtown Greenville had the highest rate of collisions, followed by Haywood Road intersections. However, the most severe crashes occurred at the Academy Street and Pendleton Street intersection.

What Types of Intersection Accidents Happened in Greenville, SC?

The majority of crashes in intersections in Greenville were rear-end accidents. However, many also had a high rate of right-angle or T-bone collisions.

When intersections become congested and drivers do not provide enough room between themselves and the vehicle in front of them, quick stopping can be challenging, leading to rear-end accidents.

T-bone collisions are common when someone runs a red light or stop sign, failing to yield right of way to the vehicle with a legal right to the roadway.

What Is the City Doing to Improve Dangerous Intersections?

city of Greenville, SC

In an attempt to make Greenville’s intersections safer, the city has contracted with AECOM engineering to analyze traffic counts and measure collision data over a two-and-a-half-year period. They will create collision diagrams, which will be used to propose short- and long-term solutions.

Contact an Intersection Accident Lawyer If You’re Hurt in a Crash

If you or a loved one are involved in an intersection crash, you should immediately contact an attorney who can walk you through the insurance claims process. It’s important to get medical treatment and avoid talking to the insurance companies until you get legal advice. You have a right to compensation if you were hurt.

Call intersection accident attorney Venus Poe today at (864) 301-8670.


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